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Postby Mugemsz on Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:35 pm

Hey I recently just started to play Elemental shaman for my 8/8 HM 25 man guild and I have got the right spec, gems, glyphs, etc... and doing the right rotation (spell priority).

-keep searing totem down
-use fire elemental during burn phase
-keep flame shock up 100% of the time (or close too)
-Lava Burst
-use earth shock anywhere from 7-9 stacks-
-lighting bolt filler

Im doing all the right things and my DPS seems to be always very low, Im always anywhere from 11-16 in damage and always in the 35-40k DPS range. Please help with suggestions of how I can step it up and impress my guild!
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Re: @ Brightleaf

Postby Brightleaf on Sat Jun 23, 2012 11:10 pm

You're missing about 9 epic gems or so/some gear is LFR/not BIS and you don't have a legendary. These things will increase your damage by quite a bit but now that its so late in the expansion I'm unsure if you are trying for the legendary still or not. Anyway I can help with a few things: Make sure you're using Unleash Elements/Chain Lighting (If your internet/ping is really good or reliable) Refreshing totems/Shocking right before you need to hit your button on Ultraxion. I assume your 35-40k was Ultraxion or might have been a few fights.. Depending on how many fading lights you get/when you get them it will affect your damage either moderately or slightly. Fading light is a lot less latency dependent than hour of twilight so keep that in mind when doing this but I wouldn't try for less than 0.3-4 left on Hour. Making sure you use your Fire Elemental bundled with your Earth Elemental in a totem set while you have as many stacks on your trinket as possible as well as all procs at the start is ideal. Monitoring your procs with an ICD addon (ExtraCD on curse or a not so user friendly ICDBars that I setup myself) I have found is essential in deciding how you will pre-plan cooldowns and such. Making sure you get the most up time from your totems while ensuring their safety and and juicing them the most will lead to quite a bit of extra damage. Make sure your monitor your lightning shield stacks and aim to not waste any charges. Using FS early is a judgement call as well as multi dotting between two mobs while not wasting charges/no downtime on primary FS.
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Re: @ Brightleaf

Postby Mugemsz on Mon Jun 25, 2012 1:57 pm

Ok cool thanks alot man! a couple more questions.
1. Do Elemental totems do more damage if I have like power torrent and trinket stacks before I drop them?
2. when is the best times to use unleash elements?
3. when will you start streaming!!
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