Feral Help Please

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Feral Help Please

Postby Nemki on Tue Apr 10, 2012 11:23 pm

Hi I play a feral druid and always have. My dps isn't too bad, however there are some bosses where my dps is just low and I'm not understanding why this is. For example I can do about 35k on heroic morchok but then do like 29k on Hagara, but when it comes to heroic Ultraxion I'm usually always the last or second to last person on the dps meters above the tank where I can't seem to get past 34k.. I just don't understand why or what I'm doing wrong. @Notdiggz could you possibly figure out what I'm doing wrong or shoot me in the direction of a feral dps forum? Here is my armor link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/m ... i/advanced I'm not even sure if I'm reforging right for this gear that I'm in. Everywhere and everything I read says that all the secondary stats are equal for DS and that it doesn't matter which you go for.
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Re: Feral Help Please

Postby Qtbear on Sun May 27, 2012 6:09 am

I had a look at this im not in blood legion but thought i would post to help you out if your still seeking it.
Personally i see your reforging into Mastery > Haste
I would be reforging Haste > Mastery Makes life alot easier Imo

As for fights Morchok has very minimal Movement and your able to have double dots for that short period at the start of the fight boosting you numbers by quite abit as bleeds for feral are brutal.
On fights like Hagara depends what your tanks do in most situations with Ice blocks my guilds tanks during progrssion alot also the phases for Hagara might be hurting you putting up shred on all the Crystals for ice phase thats going to drop your dps ofcourse thru no full uptime while your dots are ticking. Save CDs for the feedback phase for more dps and make sure to get bleeds on ice block over swipe spamming. <3
moved the boss making me lose position for shred so alot of moving around missing shreds forcing you to mangle may be dropping your dps?
Maybe your droppind you Savage roar dont know in that case as havnt seen your logs.

Ultraxion Feral kittys would be pretty low most times very rarely in a 25man guild you would push top 10 for numbers as you CAN NOT shred this boss so make sure to have Dust of Dissapearance on you so you can switch out your Glyphs for Glyph of Mangle for this fight helps my DPS when i play kitty.
I hope some of this helps you in your quest for higher dps on certain fights GL <3 Qtbear
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