Question for Shinafae regarding 5 tick Bane of Doom and WoU

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Question for Shinafae regarding 5 tick Bane of Doom and WoU

Postby Swaggajuice on Tue Feb 28, 2012 6:57 pm

I read a post from another warlock about a new trend that aff locks are doing to receive a 5th big tick of Bane of Doom on the pull. From what I understand after reading the post is that you cast it first do your normal pull rotation and then recast it and that will somehow make the last tick of the new application hit very hard or something like this. Can you clarify if I am understanding this right and how I can start my rotation to make sure I get the 5th tick every pull. I just recently went back aff from being demo for a long time and am looking for any tricks that might have been found since leaving aff for raid buffing. Also I was watching a video of Sparkuggz from Method on heroic Madness and noticed he would not use his nightfall procs in exec phase. I understand that Drain Soul has a much higher DPET than SB but what I'm concerned about is dropping stacks of WoU. He did not have WoU in the video and I understand not needing to cast something to keep the buff up for him specifically but for the rest of the world who actually uses the trinket should we be using nightfall procs right away to keep the buff up or should we only let Haunt do it and use Haunt off CD? I know that as long as you have a 10 stack when you initially cast DS it will tick as if the stacks were up for the channel duration but when we Haunt the new DS will not have the full 10 stacks, it might only have 1 or none depending on if Haunt hit before the stacks wore off and the DS channel started. I know I can't be the only lock that is curious about how to get around Blizzard's stupidity with not allowing DS to keep stacks up on a per tick basis. On a side not if mind flay keeps stacks up Blizzard needs to burn in hell, or at least the person who designed that trinket without making sure DS would keep it stacked.
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Re: Question for Shinafae regarding 5 tick Bane of Doom and

Postby Shinafae on Wed Feb 29, 2012 12:07 pm


Waooouh calm down there with the Drain Soul-WoU hate. ~
Try starting a Drain Soul channel and spamming whatever key you have it bound to once you do.
Observe what happens.

It is also a DPS loss to use Nightfall procs during execute unless you need to move or cannot maintain the channel until the next tick for some reason (e.g., debuff on Ultraxion).

Regarding Bane of Doom, what you are referring to is something I experimentally verified to be a DPS gain for Aff in early T12. Effectively, you cast BoD off the pull (following precombat Sbolt), then pop cooldowns, apply Haunt, Shadowflame, and SB spam. If you are lucky you can generally reach 8-9 stacks on WoU without lust before your 4pc. buff threatens to fall off, at which point you recast BoD. As long as this happens before BoD's first tick, the spell will be updated with the SP and damage values of all of your procs and cooldowns, and you will get five amazing ticks assuming you let the spell fall off completely before recasting.
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