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The Rebirth Vanilla WoW

Postby klamath on Mon Oct 08, 2012 6:35 pm

TheRebirth 1.12.1 is coming up to 1 year of stability. If you want a tight knitted community, developers of integrity and fidelity back to 2006, then TheRebirth is something for you. No character wipes, NO DONATIONS nor vote rewards whatsoever, this server is running solely by the developers own money. That shows true passion for the classic private server industry. Occasionally events like 2x exp weekends occur for your convenience. This server was born 22 aug 2011 but at a different name. On the 30 of aug it permanently switched name to TheRebirth and has been ever since.

» 100% fidelity to 2006.
» 1x rates.
» Worldwide functional pathfinding.
» Every dungeon from 1-60 is fully scripted.
» Closing in on 100% fixed quests.
» Class and talents bugs are almost non existent.
» Fully scripted raids.
» BGs are fully operational.
» Molten Core and ZulGurub are completely scripted.
» BWL opened.
» Progress here is 100% self earned.
» Incredible dedicated Host and nice, understading GMs and no form of favoritism or bias exist at all.

World is persistent meaning 128gb RAM and 32 physical cores per machine that is actively working to keep grids active while players aren't in specific zones.

Server Specifications:
Location: 3 servers located in Canada, Washington D.C and Aix-En-Provence in southern France.

Create an account here
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If you do not have an active 1.12.1 client, follow THIS link to install one.
Then enjoy!

Ofcourse there is no server that can be described with the word perfect, but this is, if I may say so, Godamn close.
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Re: The Rebirth Vanilla WoW

Postby krk on Thu Oct 11, 2012 5:37 pm

I've played since the beginning but I'm still level 40 or 41. It's just too slow to level at 1x speed when you're playing solo most of the time. I've suggested numerous times to introduce short periods of time at increased speed to encourage people to log on and play together at certain times. A 2-4hr period of 2x speed several times a week would have encouraged people to log on in small sessions and play together. I just can't stomach leveling 40-60 at 1x speed alone in vanilla wow and neither can many others given that it's not broken 100 online people in a long time.
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