Heroic Spine Bloods on Healers.

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Heroic Spine Bloods on Healers.

Postby Laere on Thu May 10, 2012 5:10 pm

Hi, our guild is currently consistent in getting to the third plate on Spine. However, we're having an issue where there are too many bloods on healers, ultimately leading to their death.

We have a Blood DK tanking bloods on the left side of the plate, a Feral Druid tanking the amalg on the right side, and a Prot Warrior kiting bloods. We have a holy wrath stun on both the top and bottom of Deathwing as well.

Any tips or tricks would really really help, I know that if we solve this issue it's a for sure kill!

Thank you,

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Re: Heroic Spine Bloods on Healers.

Postby Nodozz on Thu May 10, 2012 6:17 pm

Salvs on cd the entire fight, clutch bop's/bubbles etc. Its going to happen just got to try and mitigate it best you can.
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Re: Heroic Spine Bloods on Healers.

Postby Dixiflatline on Fri May 11, 2012 5:11 am

If you don't mind a suggestion from someone NOT in Blood Legion, you could switch the roles of your DK and Feral tanks, assuming the DK isn't terribly undergeared. This'll help for a number of reasons: the DK can build a larger Blood Shield against a single target like the Amalgamation, and the Feral gets more use out of Savage Defense absorbs with multiple small targets. Not only that, an appropriately geared Feral (particularly one with dps stats who is only tanking for that phase) will put out enough threat with Thrash that they can easily pull the adds off the healers, and it's more controllable AoE than diseases. This was the situation my Guild (Reminence - Demon Soul) switched to recently, and we've been able to one-shot Spine for a little over a month, now, discounting ship bugs.

-Dixiflatline of Demon Soul
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