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Postby Stoneguard on Thu May 20, 2004 11:27 am

Insider: Is there anything else interesting about quests that we haven't talked about yet?

Jeff Kaplan: Nothing really high level, but I'd like to talk about an example of a quest that I think is a lot of fun in the game. In this scene, there is a race about to occur between the goblins and the gnomes. In Warcraft, the goblins and gnomes are the two races that are known for their skills in technology and engineering.

So both the goblins and gnomes are trying to make rocket cars to race each other. There is a whole host of quest givers, both on the gnome side and the goblin side. You can accept quests from the gnomes that require you to sabotage the goblins or quests for the goblins to sabotage the gnomes. You can engage in quests for the gnomes to buff up their cars to make them better, or quests for the goblins to make their car superior. At the same time, you can also bet on the races through the quest system. The way this whole scenario is designed, you can bet on the race, then try to fix it. If the race starts without any interference whatsoever, there is a 50-50 chance every time that one or the other will win. With this setup, there are quite a few ways that things could pan out differently. All the players in the area could jump on a bandwagon, fix the race significantly for one side or the other, and then bet on that side to win. If a competitive situation results, though, and players are taking different sides, it could become a complex affair where every quest might swing the race in one group's favor or the other's. Finally, watching these little rascals race one another is just hilarious all by itself.

Insider: Does the race just occur periodically?

Jeff Kaplan: Yes, the race starts at set times. I forget exactly how often, but I believe it is approximately every 30 minutes or so. Also, because of the nature of this scenario - the fact that you can do various quests and fix the outcome of the race - players will not receive spectacular rewards in terms of experience or powerful items. The rewards are more fun in nature. One of the items you can potentially receive is the party grenade, which when thrown into a group of players will cause them to randomly start emoting - dance, do the chicken, cheer, that sort of stuff.

Hey Lani, does this area sound familiar?
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Postby newworldempire on Thu May 20, 2004 4:55 pm

hehe, I was questing there recently, I'm assumeing that they did alot with it for the next push cause it just seemed like a bunch of run of the mill collectinos quests in a boring area. Glad to see they have soem plans for it.
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