My suggestion, never raid with non guildies ever again

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My suggestion, never raid with non guildies ever again

Postby StormCrow on Thu Jan 06, 2005 8:29 am

alright so last night Malar, Drakkar, and Myself go on a raid with some random people namely Kolkor, and we are raiding Stratholme.

first off, they were a bunch of noobs but that was expected.

second off when we got to rammstein he dropped this pimp ring with +16 stamina like +4 agi and stength, and since i hadnt won anything i rolled on it (because warlocks love fucking stamina)
and i roll a 93 (didn't win it BTW)
and kolkor starts bitching at me because i rolled
saying its a "melee" ring, which is total BS because Stamina is the main stat warlocks go for.
and the agi and str was minimal almsot insignificant.

not only did kolkor bitch at me but many others like aeterna (who linked two really shitty rings she said i should get instead, and also who was a complete bitch to Malar... wont be grouping with her.)

so i say whatever and just ignore that shit, since they dont know jack about warlocks. (only other warlock there was Luster, and she doesnt know jack about playing her class)

then when we get to the Baron, and kill him
he drops this pimp Rogue/Hunter +15 agi cloak

Obviously something is wrong here already but heres what happen, many people roll including rogues and hunters, and WARRIORS like Kolkor and Lakineo, i know that they "can" use it and might want to but hunters and rogues are MUCH more optimal with that equipment than a warrior.

Lakineo actually won it and Nobody said a frigging word except malar, who also knew what BS that was, if i remember right drakkar had the 2nd highest roll and shouldve won it.

all and all... dont raid outside of the guild ever, itll just get you screwed.

afterwards BTW they invited shoon who was going to take everyone to UBRS and subsenquently booted me and malar, how polite of him.

*finishes blowing off steam generated by total noobs*
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Postby Ashakar on Thu Jan 06, 2005 9:51 am

I think I decided long long ago, think it was back when I was still doing WC, to never group up with non-guildies. Not only are they usually idiots, but they always end up rolling on stuff that is BOP that they would never even use, but would be great for you. Like the shaman who thinks a cloth robe would be great for him. Anyway I feel your pain Storm. Just wait another week or 2 and the guild will be raiding all the high lvl instances all the time. We'll all be pimped out before you even realize it.
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Postby Aries on Thu Jan 06, 2005 11:32 am

Just help the lower grp. We have like 20ish in the 50s. As soon as we can get up there you dont need to deal with idiots.
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Postby Tibs on Thu Jan 06, 2005 2:56 pm

Aries wrote:Just help the lower grp. We have like 20ish in the 50s. As soon as we can get up there you dont need to deal with idiots.

*cough*10ish in the 40s*cough*

One thing I can suggest is that in non guilded raid/instance groups where you don't know nor gamed quite a bit with ppl is to ask for master looter and NBG-- if they don't agree, don't go. If they don't agree and you've got nothing better to do (farm me mageweave!1!), then expect bullshit like that.

I've been lucky in that 50% of the time 1-3 people in a group are actually decent players. They're in my buddy list, and without them and a few similarly lvl'd BL and recruits, I'd still be low 30s solo grinding quests....

Sorry you had to deal with ppl who don't know what they're doing nor realize that the best equip goes to the highest roller who can use, Storm-- as in the end we will be fighting with these ppl against Alliance, and we'll all need the uber gear to put a stomping on a 5-3 zerg server. :evil:

tibs out
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Postby ZX7 on Thu Jan 06, 2005 6:09 pm

I can see Agil for a warrior to help their dodge and increase their armor, so i see no problem really with that...they "can" benifit from it after all.

The stam ring...well people dont understand a warlock doesnt need anything except stamina....stamina = mana for a warlock...maybe someday these idiots will realize what other classes can benifit from.

And dont worry about grouping out of guild...we don't need any one to help us... We know the instances and the proper strategies to beat them. We also have experience on Onyxia regardless of the fact it was only to 65% lol

I've had the UBRS key for almost 2 weeks now but I dont care to zerg the crap out of it with people who dont know how to play their character then they get good shit over the actual skilled players....I'll wait for the good players to catch up then we'll farm it in preparation for Onyxia.

The first key on the horde side was owned by Oz...who learned all those instances from Me and Malar...which then inturn he told others how to get the keys and strats for those instances. I dont think any of the guilds on this server had a clue how to do these later instances except Team Ice who of which have been cool with us so far and hopefully stay that way.
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Postby nut on Thu Jan 06, 2005 9:14 pm

I love it when people try to tell you how to play/equip your char or class.

If it's a ring/trinket/necklace and you can and will use it, you should be allowed to roll on it.
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