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Postby nightcharm on Tue Aug 07, 2012 4:51 am

I would like to have a demonology warlock audit just to make sure everythings in place and whatnot that im not messing up on certain things anyways with that said http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/d ... arm/simple is my armory my demo spec is a bit weird but i found it ten times more useful to drop the regular demonic empowerment seen as how i would never really use it spec into more useful spells like reduce cast time of summons and mana along with 100% chance to summon pet when it dies which is really helpful in raids. Now that ive explained my talents ill go ahead and throw my rotation out my logs arnt updated to the current rotation im using at the moment which is send felguard in felstorm pre pot pop demonsoul/meta macro moonwell chalice soulburn felhunter then i put up CoE, immo, corruption, bane of doom, hand of guldan, SB as filler, incinerate when molten core procs and soul fire for decimation also i would like to say im using the SB spec because i found that incinerate is only viable on one boss ultraxion because incinerate spec to be vialable you have to have immo up the whole fight which is almost impossible on every fight in DS but ultraxion. I will have to pm the first person to respond shinafae or shadows as our logs are private but im allowed to have people review them to help me.

This will be of great help im sure of thank you for taking your time to help
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