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@ Nodzz Holy Palain Advice

Postby Lexabell on Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:07 pm

Hey. First time I have ever done this, but I am at a standpoint. I have been all over the place looking for an answer, and I am pretty sure I have found one, but I would like to know what you or any other Holy Paladin in a top guild thinks. What do you find to be BiS trinkets? Of course HoU is first priority BiS, but the other trinkets is where I need help with. I understand that the Proc from SotSS is ridiculously long and it ~can~ proc at the wrong time, but the haste from it is indeed very nice. As for Windward Heart the proc rate is high, the ICD is low, and the amount of healing is really nice; the only problem is most of the time it will be a lot of over healing. Thank you for taking the time to respond/read this post. :D
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Re: @ Nodzz Holy Palain Advice

Postby Xanastus on Sun Mar 18, 2012 1:57 pm

I would say that after HoU would be windward heart then SotSS. The ICD may be somewhat low but its quite useful when it procs on a tank or player that dips too low and you won't have time to react and cast a heal. SotSS is probably better for sustained healing such as fights like Ultra, but on most fights the extra haste would probably proc when you don't need it to.
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