Absalom, no1protadin US qtpi; Please help me.

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Absalom, no1protadin US qtpi; Please help me.

Postby holeyy on Sun Mar 04, 2012 7:31 pm

I'm stuck in a deluge of mediocrity on my protadin having recieved unlucky drops and i'm currently rolling 392 ilvl with a 403 PVP helm and a DPS ring. When trying to progress on blackhorn Heroic and things like that it makes everyones job a lot harder so I have came to you today hat in hand to seek your advice on seal usage and whatnot for Blackhorn Heroic and Ultraxion Heroic.

Here is a link to my armoury for your probing needs
http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/d ... y/advanced
The trinkets I have are Fire of the Deep, Resolve of Undying, Scales of life (norm) and Stay of Execution - I'm unsure as to the most optimum setup with my current gear, I found that SoE is helpful due to its great on use but it's stats are lacklustre. I'd be greatly appreciative if you could tell me which ones YOU would use and which ones you think are the best.

Also, on Ultraxion Heroic would you use Seal of Insight after the initial threat burst for sustained survivability or SoT with the Glyph?

Thank you so much for any help you may give, sorry for the long post - Stay qt.

ps. My talents are funky with the EfaE instead of Imp Judge because of no usage on Ultraxion Heroic. I've also dropped 1 in Reck for the RoL for what I think would be increased survivability, however i'm not sure about the maths due to my souldrinkers on hit proc.
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Re: Absalom, no1protadin US qtpi; Please help me.

Postby Absalom on Wed Mar 07, 2012 1:56 am

Hi Holeyy,

Thanks for writing in.

As a matter of principle, I generally don't do Armory audits at the moment until there's a better forum to do them in (slippery slope of being inundated with requests). You also seem to be in ret gear ATM, so that doesn't help either.

It's difficult to give great recommendations these days about what is necessary for your progression since we've been in farm for some time now and with the Power of the Aspects raid debuff, I'm not sure if you would need to reproduce exactly what we did during progression.


Currently, for farm I run full stam, non CTC-capped to make the most out of vengeance. Survivability really was never an issue tank-wise for us on this fight, even during progression, especially with the ability to layer CDs given the sick "Last Defender of Azeroth" buff. We play around on this fight a bit with parsing so I don't feel totally comfortable switching into DPS plate just yet, but it's something I might consider in the future.

During progression, I was CTC-capped (which really benefits with 100% uptime on holy shield).

I haven't really played with SoI since the days of Cho'Gall and briefly with Baleroc. Generally, I find the healing done by SoI is so minimal it rarely makes a difference in survivability, whereas the DPS gained through SoT isn't huge but IS less inconsequential than the healing gained through SoI -- if that makes sense.


I run CTC-capped on this fight still. Every part of this fight is pretty tame, until you get to sub-50% on Blackhorn (and maybe if you have a hectic transition with melee adds still up when Blackhorn descends). Even now, I get gibbed every once in a while if I'm caught without a CD during the dwindling percentages of his health. (That just happened today. :) ) Needless to say, I was CTC-capped during progression running SoT.


Without really seeing the rest of your gear, I would say you should be generally running Fire of the Deep + Scales of Life (normal) if you can CTC-cap with this arrangement. The proc is nice on Stay of Execution, but the static avoidance is really unnecessary given the avoidance windfall on T13 gear. Try and upgrade that Scales of Life with a firestone or get either of the stam trinkets from Dragon Soul through raidfinder if you continue to be unlucky in your main raid. (Indomitable Pride is obviously preferable, but I wouldn't turn down Soulshifter if you are desperate.)

Hope that helps!
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Re: Absalom, no1protadin US qtpi; Please help me.

Postby holeyy on Wed Mar 07, 2012 12:24 pm

Incredibly useful, thank you very much for helping, Absalom - I'll be sure to dedicate tonight's blackhorn kill to you!
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