Want to improve your WoW tanking skills? Enter to win!!

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Want to improve your WoW tanking skills? Enter to win!!

Postby Riggnaros on Sun Feb 19, 2012 11:48 am

A quote from contest that is currently active on Reddit (link to enter is at the bottom):

Riggnaros wrote:Want to improve your WoW tanking skills? Enter to win one-on-one advice, critique, and firsthand knowledge from Riggnaros, one of the tanks for Blood Legion. Tanks of any class and skill level are welcome to enter!

Hello, and thank you for being interested in this opportunity to help refine specific parts of your game and seek overall improvement as a tank. Due to the overwhelming requests for tanking feedback I receive on a daily basis, I see this contest being of great benefit to the tanking community.

If you find yourself in the position to answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, this is the place you want to be.

Need help with World of Log breakdowns?
Need help with managing and/or planning your cooldowns for a specific encounter?
Need help trying to find out why you’re having issues dying?
Need help trying to find ways to work well and develop synergy with your healers?
Need help with learning what is the best way to approach a new boss?

Entry-level and veteran players can benefit from participating in this contest. One of the most important parts of being successful is to always keep an open mind and seek self-improvement. If you are someone who is new and wants to be better at tanking or someone who is already good, but just want to expand your horizons, enter and do your part to win!

Reply to this post with links to your logs (WoL only please), armory link, and a brief summary about you, your raiding history and most importantly, what you hope to gain from entering this contest.
There will be one winner per week. The winner will be chosen by amount of upvotes AND selection by me. There is no ‘official’ formula, but the more upvotes and the more detailed description, the better your chances!
The contest is ongoing and each weeks’ winner will be required to participate in a one-on-one evaluation session taking pace the following Thursday @ 5pm CST (Skype required) on the live stream.
Winners will be announced and posted on the stream each Sunday. http://www.twitch.tv/riggnarosbl
A list of all winners will be documented to avoid repeat sessions.

I look forward to making this weekly event as beneficial and as helpful as possible. I have a vast amount of knowledge involving tanking when it comes to this game, and have tanked everything from Burning Crusade through current content during its progression stages, including tanking dozens of kills ranging from World/US 1st-15th. I not only play one of each tanking class, but maintain them to a level that has allowed me to clear nearly all Heroic content on each respective class throughout this expansion. None of these statements are meant to brag but more so to help you identify with how much experience I am offering to share with anyone who shows interest in this contest. I may not have every answer, but I can assure you I can help in your goals to becoming a better tank.

Please do your part and help me help you. I look forward to helping out any of you who enter this contest and are working to achieve your goals of becoming a more skilled tank and knowledgeable tank.


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