Blood Legion interview.

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Blood Legion interview.

Postby Invincible on Fri May 27, 2011 7:46 am

Hello guys, Laughing Man here! some of you probably have seen me before on mumble but if you haven't i am doing interviews with a bunch of the top guilds in the world to really get the word out on how to really "Break into" becoming well.. awesome at the game and trying to educate the player base on becoming one of the best.

I am hoping to interview a couple more from you guys later points in this episodes if you are wanting too please post here, and i'll get back to you! - interview with Lawliepop

Thanks again to Lawliepop you were so helpful in the interview and i will be hopefully seeing you guys again in the top #10 in firelands! Good luck

<3 Laughing Man, aka Takeitback - US Illidan

Also I am taking requests on what games to review or give a first impressions off so please shoot if your keen to see a certain game.
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