Anyone for a very late night Hardcore 10man hm raid group?

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Anyone for a very late night Hardcore 10man hm raid group?

Postby Brunak on Fri Mar 18, 2011 3:25 am

Hello, would anyone be interested is a very late night hardcore 10man group my friend and I are trying to form a group that starts raid in the

12-1am CST starting time slot... 3 nights a week

we are a pro dk and rogue dps that have hm exp on pretty much every encounter this tier and have completed 3 of them. We are currently in Mind Games but can not make the raid times because they are way too early for us now and are trying to make a group that is able to raid at a time much later that fits our schedule. We figure there are other players like ourselves that are pro but can not make the raid times of top guilds because they are too early. We would like to get stuff done and not be confined to raiding normal mode content it is way to easy and would love to play with other skilled players like ourselves for the thrill and challenge of hm content.

Anyone who is interested please contant Brunak of Illidan via whisper or in game mail hopefully we can get something going and be the only group that raids this late on the realm.
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