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Rob&Chris' GDKP™

Postby Kawaiirob on Mon Aug 17, 2015 11:18 pm

Greetings all,

So we've done a few test runs of the GDKP, and we've finally ironed out a few final kinks to make this Blood Legion sponsored GDKP the absolute best it can be on the server.

A few updated rules to streamline the run, and to make it as lucrative and fair for all players attending:

1) Buyers interested in gear will have a 100k deposit, up front to reserve their spot. All upgrades for your character MUST be bet on a minimum of once. This prevents players sandbagging, claiming they're buying, but come in just to coin/get achievements for the zone. If you are unlucky with drops, remaining deposit will be refunded. If you use up your deposit on gear, you must replenish your deposit.

2) Mains from Blood Legion will be running this raid. We no longer need heroic clears for our main raid, so buyers will receive from a fully geared, unsaved group of mythic raiders to give you the most efficient & beneficial run possible.

3) This run is done Weekly @9pm CST.

300k Minimum Gold Required to Attend(this includes deposit, Players with more to spend receive priority invites)
Item Minimum Prices:
Non-Tier/Weapons Pre-Gorefiend: 15k Starting Bid
Non-Tier/Weapons Gorefiend On: 25k Starting Bid
Tier Tokens: 35k Starting Bid
Weapons Pre-Gorefiend: 15k Starting Bid
Weapons Gorefiend On: 35k Starting Bid
All Trinkets 35k Starting Bid
Archimonde Non-Weapons 40k Starting Bid
Archimonde Class Trinkets 50k Starting Bid

**If you receive a slot for minimum bid, but later another side grade item drops, you are not required to buy that.**

4) ALL players will receive an equal cut of the total pot at the end.

Any questions please post in the thread of contact whanbullets#1793 / christwo#1923
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Re: Rob&Chris' GDKP™

Postby grunz on Mon Aug 17, 2015 11:26 pm

I think it should be called Chris and Rob's GDKP
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