Blood Legion Classic

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Blood Legion Classic

Postby Spider on Mon Jun 03, 2019 8:17 pm

Sixteen years ago Blood Legions journey began in the WoW alpha. Through alpha and during vanilla, BL was known for completing content, world PvP, and later competitively completing 40 man Naxxramas. Since then, through numerous expansions, BL has continued to achieve at a high level and even at times the highest level. As World of Warcraft has evolved so has Blood Legion and the torch has been passed from one group of gamers to the next. Throughout this time relationships and bonds have been formed that, like the guild, have survived the test of time. With the arrival of WoW Classic, Blood Legion is eager to add yet another chapter to our story.

August, 27 2019 is the return of the original game that started it all, World of Warcraft: Classic. We are calling all banners from every generation to come together as a singular clan to go back to the era that started it all. Our goal is to celebrate the guild and all of its accomplishments by forming a roster that spans throughout the entire lifetime of Blood Legion. All have a place here, from hardcore to casual players.

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