Hello fellow WoW addicts ;-)

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Hello fellow WoW addicts ;-)

Postby Guest on Tue Feb 21, 2006 4:27 pm

Hey guys, I just recently sent in an application not to long ago and thought I would go ahead and make a post to introduce myself.

I've been playing WoW for quite some time, did a bit of beta and been playing all of retail. My main server was Archimonde as alliance but the community is just simply horrible and honestly I wanted to go horde from the very beginning but my guild voted against it and regrets ever doing so.

Before playing WoW I played Neverwinter Nights for about 2 years. I was a Game Master for server called Aventia for about 6 months. Our guild decided to move from NWN to WoW and once we got settled and most of us got to 60 6 of my fellow officers decided to take it amongst themselves to just reroll horde on our server and not tell anyone. So I had happened to log on one day being completely guildless and wondering what in the world was going on.

Aside of all that my character Kitetsu is in fact extremely old... probably 8 months. I started playing on Illidan around March or so. Unfortunately I had to stop playing my character do to the fact that our guild had started finally running Molten Core. I've done ALL of MC and bits and pieces of BWL. When I switched jobs I lost my "work to game schedule" so I could only hop in every now and then for a quicky. My healing is pretty damn good if I say so myself. I've had quite a bit of practice being a main healer in some of the higher level instances like DM and such. Usually I'm used to just being a backup healer since finding priest and such was no problem on my server but it's quite the opposite on here.

My character at the time doesn't have the prettiest of gear. I'm working hard to get him all geared up. Since it's my very first mail character it's taken some time and research to actually put together a decent setup, all I need to do now is actually find the groups to get the things I need ;). I'm trying to get my attunements done but finding groups now a days on Illidan is a task and a half so hopefully I can get them done ASAP.

Basicly I'm just looking for a guild with a great group of mature people who have been playing for awhile and know the ropes. And hopefully will move on to different games and stick together. I'm currently still in my guild from Half Life (Team Fortress Classic). Been with them for almost 8 years. But anyway hope to talk to you guys in game, hopefully group with a few of you and get to know you guys some. Goodluck in AQ and everything else :) Hope you guys take me into consideration.

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