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WoW Charter

PostPosted: Thu Apr 08, 2004 5:23 pm
by ZX7
Here you'll find almost everything you need to know about Blood Legion's pre-game release structures.

This is by no means complete, and we'll be adding more pages soon, This is temporary untill our WoW site pages go live.

Recruitment Process

1. The applicant posts an application in the Recruitment Forum.

2. The application is copy/pasted to the Recruitment Discussion and Voting forum. (Members only forum)

3. The Recruit is evaluated by members based on their forum activity, behavior, performance, attitude, and in-game activity on that thread.

4. An applicant needs 20 "Yes" votes to be accepted. If there are more than 5 "No" votes the application is declined.

5. If the applicant has a "Sponsor" their required "Yes" votes are dropped to 15, and more than 5 "No" votes, rule, still stands.

6. The appliciant has a maximum of three weeks to attain the required votes. Theres a minimum time period of one week which must be met before the applicant is accepted whether they have their required votes or not.

7. If the applicant fails to obtain the required votes within three weeks the application will be declined. They can re-apply in a month if they wish.

8. If the applicant passes vote, the discussion and vote threads pertaining to them are put into the officer archives, and following that, they are tagged, and given credentials to access the guild message boards.

9. The Officers reserve the right to step in and decline or approve an application whether the requirements are met or not....If its in the guilds best interest as a whole.

10. Once accepted the recruit is moved to "Squire" Rank of the "Initiate" tier and placed under a month probationary period.

11. After the month is up, if everything has been up to standards they are moved into Full Member status and placed at rank "Footmen" in the member tier.

12. Until the applicant is a full member he will be able to interact with the guild via the "applicant/friends" channel. To get access to the this channel contact an officer.

Applicants are urged to keep active on the forums, Although only members have access to our main forums, we'll still interact with recruits in there application thread or "The Shire". Forum and Game activity will play a big role in acquiring votes, and staying a part of Blood Legion.

Application for WoW Membership

Each Applicant is to make a New Topic...Example -ZX's Application "WoW"-

1. Real name:
2. Age:
3. Where you're from:
4. Email Address:
5. ICQ:
6. Aim:
7. Yahoo
8. MSN
9. Character Name(s) and Trade(s):
10. Preferred Trade:
11. Preferred Race:
12. Preferred Class:
13. Hours per night on WoW:
14. How long have you been playing WoW:
15. What times do you usually play:
16. How you heard of Blood Legion:
17. Have you read our Rules/Requirements:
18. Do you agree to abide by Blood Legions Law:
19. How do you feel about a Guild tax/fee to support various aspects of Blood Legion:
20. How often will you post on our Forums:
21. Why do you want to join Blood Legion:
22. What other games do you play:
23. Have you been in any other guilds, If so which ones and why did you leave:

Forum Rules/Requirements

To be considered for membership one must have a forum account which you can register here

1. Conduct
A. No spamming - Spam can be viewed as double posting (Replying you your own post) Its easy enough to just edit your previous post, Continued replies containing one worders (Less than a full sentence)
B. No derogatory comments - Others may not share your point of view and find such comments offensive.
C. No Off-Topic posts - Frequent responses to current topics without adding anything useful to the conversation.

2. Requirements
A. Registration – As a member or applicant of Blood Legion, One is required to have a forum account registered and post on a regular basis (Atleast on sticky/Announcement Threads)
B. Activity – To keep an “Active” status within the guild one must post at least once every three days.
C. Forum Identification - Members and Applicants must have their character names at the bottom of their posts, Or in their Signature.
D. Census - All Members and Applicants must reply to a census when posted, within two weeks time.
E. Leave of Absense – Anytime a member or applicant is going on vacation or just taking a leave of absence for any reason, they are to post a thread informing us how long they’ll be away. Example: ZX’s Leave of Absense, Upon return you are to Edit the thread to: ZX’s Leave of Absense –Returned- Doing this will void any "Activity" rules if you're away.

3. Chastisement
A. Warnings – Failure to comply with the above conditions will result in a warning.
B. Warning Distribution – Warnings will be given by PM’s through the forums, Email, and or private talks.
C. Habitual Offenders – Continued abuse of our law, resulting in 3 warnings will constitute Demotion or termination of application.
D. Demotion for Footmen Rank – A member holding the rank of “Footmen” will be moved down to "Squire" (Initiate Rank) and placed on probation, and go up for review in front of the High Council/Officers, to decide if Expulsion is deemed necessary.


Guild Master

High Councilor

Capt of the Guard




Rank Duties

Just a brief write up, a more detailed description will be put forth when the WoW site pages are done. This is just a place holder.

Guild Master
King/Queen - Leaders...everything below and then some.

Lord/Lady - Invitable, Leaders right hand man/woman, Make up the Council, Keeps the member list/ranks updated, Forum Mod, Overlooks the Officer Tier, Must post Daily - Every other day
Baron/Baroness - Invitable, Make up the Council, Guild Treasurer, Keeps member list/ranks updated, Forum Mod, Must post Daily - Every other day
Count/Countess - Invitable, Oversees/Trains Vets for furtherment in the guild, handles minor member disputes, Forum Mod, Must post Daily - Every other day
High Councilor - Over sees everything related to the guild and gives the officers feedback.

Crusader - Keeps an updated list of Allied guild members/chars, Seeks worthy Alliances, a top notch member who shows every quality we stand for.
Knight - a Crusaders right hand man/woman, in training to become a Crusader, Starts guild funtions, Keeps things orderly
Capt of the Guard - Oversees the member tier, Keeps a going list of member trade skills.

Guardsman - Mentor to Footmen and Watchmen, oversees Initiates
Watchman - Mentor to Footmen, Trains militia of guild ways
Footman - Full Member, Trains Militia of the guild ways.

Squire - A member in their 30 day probationary period.

Militia - A recruit who has posted an application.


Meetings are currently held every wednesday at 9pm EST, 6pm PST (WoW Time) at a pre-determined location...Generally in our main city. Members are not required to attend "every" meeting, we understand this day/time is not good for some.

Any Initiates or possible applicants are welcome to come, although currently we talk in guild chat, which only Squire ranked initiates will see.

A summary of the meeting will be posted in the forums.