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Postby gunbarrar on Mon Aug 29, 2005 6:06 pm

Hello fellow Blood Legion members and officers! i just wanted to introduce myself for who that do not know me. I have a character on the Illiden server (60 orc warrior). I've been enjoying playing this game and figured that i would be dedicated in working with fellow members of this guild. I have enjoyed running with you guys during the open-end mc runs and think this is a wonderful envirement to be apart of. However I have sent an application out a month ago and still havent recieved a reply or e-mail about it :(
I just wanted to know the status of my application and update some of the info i have. I am already BWL and MC attuned, and at the end of the onycia quest where i just have to kill the dragons. I am specced with 5 talent points n arms and the rest in protection. I have 2 epic items so far (Hammer of northern Wind, Destiny). I have all my valor except for the gloves and feet(which i don't need since i am stam specced). More on the personal side, i live in Georgia and am a 15 year boy. I take pride into my work and hope i can become a dedicated BL member!
Thank you for all your time to read my post and hope i meet your expectations!
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