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call to arms addon

Postby clownshoes on Thu Jun 23, 2005 11:24 pm

this addons is freakin awesome

basically it lets you create/join a team or raid group and anyone with the mod can see and join the group

group creation:
- can set minimum join level
- can choose which classes can join
- can choose how many of each class can join
- can set a join password so random people cant join the group

joining a group:
- you simply hit update list button and it shows all available groups, # of available slots / total slots, type of group it is pvp/pve, and if its passworded or not
- find a group and click the join button and you get an auto invite

really uber for guilds that raid alot since the raid leaders no longer has to send an invite to everyone who wants in, and you can change the group requirements when ever you want.

anyways im excited about this so im spammin hoping people will use it :P
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