Instructions for RaidBar

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Instructions for RaidBar

Postby Puddy on Sat Feb 26, 2005 3:24 pm

Everyone needs to download this mod even if you're not a priest/healer so that they can properly see all the data.

1.) download from ... id=177&g=1 or

2.) extract into your Interface/Addons folder.

3.) type /console reloadui to refresh ui

4.) All tabs will appear on top right underneath the minimap.

5.) type /rb channel default -- /rb channel RBBloodLegion for applicants

6.) type /rb raid -- will auto add everybody.

Some tips and tricks:

/rb debuff right/left/center -- to place debuff location.

/rb raid byclass -- sort all groups by class.

/rb -- bring up help menu with all the commands.
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