Another Axis Event

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Another Axis Event

Postby Canuck on Fri Jan 28, 2005 3:48 pm

Axis Run Saturday Feb 5/05 8:00 p.m

Support for our coalition is growing, and I will continue to ask you to spread the word. Last night our guild went and held Stromgarde Keep in Arathi for a while to help some of our members get their quests done. And although we did in fact hold the keep for part of the night, the task was too much for just our group. So I’m going to ask all of you to come help. We will meet in Hammerfall for 8:00 pm and march to the keep shortly there after. This will be the first time we do this exercise so Axis members can get their quests done. Stromgarde is one of the hotspots where questing seems almost impossible due to the large alliance presence in the area. So get your quests lined up and please come help. This is the reason our coalition was formed. We will set a 2 hr window on this operation so people can plan on being there till the end.
Up to this point we have run a few exercises together and people are becoming aquainted and friendly with one another, this is great. We have set a section of our forums aside for planning Axis events. We invite all of the Axis guilds to make posts with suggestions on where the Axis presence is needed. We didn’t organize this so we could just meet and zerg on a regular basis, it was more to accomplish what we are proposing for Sat. night.
Thanks again for the support so far…. And don’t forget to check back and post at

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