Just wanted to say Hello!!

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Just wanted to say Hello!!

Postby Knomlic on Wed Nov 24, 2004 6:10 pm

Hello to everyone. I finally was able to get on here and get myself registered. So I am dropping a post to say what's up and hope I can either be of help as a meatshield (Undead war lvl 7, Orc Hunter lvl 7) or a contributor in what ever is needed. I have skinning and leather working on my orc. Seems like it made sense - can only wear leather, but if there are mat. needed I will do what I can to contribute. I saw the list of names as to what you guys have as the dif. skill workers and will send mat. that I get to them as I can. My main is my undead, but will be playing him when Gonchin is on. That way we have a close lvl char to play together. Made the orc, becuase he will be gone until Sunday and there is no way I can keep from playing. Anyways, hope to see you all around and I try to have TS up whenever I am surfing posts or playing. Safe travels to all and see IG. If anyone has anything they want to know about me, please feel free to ask. I got nothing hide - well there is that one time in montana..............
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Postby newworldempire on Wed Nov 24, 2004 10:27 pm

What happened in Montana? ;)
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