Owl Theory-Crafting Question with MOP

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Owl Theory-Crafting Question with MOP

Postby Cran on Sun Sep 30, 2012 8:55 am

Hello Owls and others,

first i want to say sorry, my english isn´t that well, but i hope you understand what i´m writing here!

My Question is about Owls and their stats, i rly like theory-crafting so i am confused at this moment, cause i get different informations and want to be sure.

On EJ (http://elitistjerks.com/) i read that Hamlet whould choose Gems with 2nd Stats and not Int Sockets, this confused me pretty hard.

Also i read on Manaflask the guide that was written by "why so serious" and they say you should put an int+spirit gem in a blue socket. Or if you are hitcapped you should use Crit instead.
But there are Spirit+Crit gems in the game, so i´m confused... cause if crit is better than int, why should I pick this one?

On Gray Matter, i read the following:
This won't change the way moonkins gem right away. For the first tier of content in MoP the secondary stats aren't half as good as Intellect and as a result we will still gem primarily for Int. However, in later tiers gemming for Crit Rating will likely be the best strategy as Crit Rating improves with gear.

Also, if I simcraft my owl ( http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/t ... o/advanced ) with the actual simcraft on a patchwork fight, i get the following results:
Code: Select all
Int = 2.91 | Hit = 1.58 | Crit = 0.97 | Mastery = 0.84 | Haste = 0.84

If i choose movement fights, they are not that much different...

So you get 320Crit or 160Int from one socket and if i calculate with my statweights, int-gems are far ahead of the crit-gems.
So it would be better to take mixed sockets with int on it!

In my results of simcraft i haven´t skilled Hearth of the Wild, but this would make int more powerfull... so...

This is also interesting to choose the right trinkets. Cause if you have the choose between an trinket with 1,8k hit or 900Int, you have the same question!

Also i´m actually not sure about the hastecap, i think it is worth, but to decide this, i have to know about the Question ahead.

You see, I´m a bit confused...but I hope you get my problem and can help me =)
Actually i would say, int is better cause of the results of simcraft and cause of graymatter, but I would normaly say, that EJ is king so i´m confused...i know, i often say, that I´m confused!

PS: Can´t use Wrathcalcs atm, i will try to play around with it at Monday.
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Re: Owl Theory-Crafting Question with MOP

Postby Zoomkin on Sun Sep 30, 2012 4:29 pm

Hamlet just started playing wow again after 2 years, 2 weeks ago.

Simcraft is only good for general knowledge but for actual comparisons it is complete shit.

The haste break points are worth it and crit is very good after those break points. I would not gem crit over int simply because int is more consistent right now.

I'll get back to you with a more thorough answer later.
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