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@nodoz and other hpallys

PostPosted: Sat Apr 07, 2012 12:20 am
by mikkio
Hey so this is my armory I know tauren,I'm dumb) everything should be fine but I'm posting this just in case(I'm not sure about power torrent,I'm probably going to test it out and see how it goes).
As you can see we are progressing on spine hm even tough were having some attendance issues we are making to the third plate if we're not wiping because of stupid shit.
I have some old logs It dcs me after falling down the spine sometimes and I forget to restart the client :\.
For raid cds we are doing
1st pop:barrier
2nd pop:AM
after we blow off the first tendon we pop spirit link and frenzied and clean up all the bloods
shield wall on the roll
I am asking some hpally specific questions because I can't figure out the best way to heal this fight,I'm currently casting divine light when 3+ searing plasma are out and using HR during pops and rolls,holy lights during down time.
I went trough some of your logs in 10 and I see that you only cast divine light with a minimal amount of hr when the amalgamation reaches 9 stacks.
I'm healing with a resto shaman who keeps chain healing/greater healing waving people with debuff and a disc priest who heals the debuff with greater healing/uses PW:S on people with low hp,I am the dispeller so I have some down times.
I have some major concerns like when to pop cds,if it's worth to hold my divine plea waiting for the first hymn of hope and If I should try to conserve my mana since I've finished it the first time we got at the 3rd plate 1st pop.

Every tips and critic is welcome even regarding tacts/other guildies logs
Thank you for reading.

EDIT:Oh and btw thanks a lot to all the streamers especially rigg and affiniti who allowed me to study pretty in depth and see this fight in action even without trying it too much