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Postby Jslack on Sun Mar 25, 2012 5:39 pm

I have a few questions about rogue DPS.

I've been trying to optimize my character before I apply to any guilds to get some raiding in before MoP and it would be really cool if you could audit my character before my real questions. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/t ... k/advanced
I can't afford epic gems, which I'm working on.
I know I have no proffessions. Working on it.
Working on reps for enchants.
And I'm of course working on the pvp crap I have on.
Other than that is there anything (no matter how nitpicky, idc)

Ok real q's. Do I use TotT on cooldown no matter what since I have 4 piece? If not how should it be used?

Can you explain how to use SnD correctly? I'm currently just planning ahead of time how many more ruptures/eviscs I can get in before I need to SnD, but is it bad to use 5 CP on it? How about 1-4?

Is it really all that important to use KS with Deep Insight? Should I use KS while I have Adrenaline Rush up so that KS pops during a Deep Insight?

Thanks! :D
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Re: @Ahdehl

Postby Ahdehl on Mon Mar 26, 2012 2:55 am

First off, trade out Glyph of Gouge for Glyph of Feint. Feint is one of our most overpowered abilities for it's cost(0). It will make your life much, much easier on just about every single fight.

You've acknowledged that you need the professions and reputation for enchants. Now, some of the other raiders will slay me for this I'm sure, but go ahead and do the 2birds1stone thing and level Inscription. It's amazingly cheap, and will knock out a profession slot(+80AGI on shoulders) and also take care of the Therazane Rep. After that, any other raiding profession is fine, although if you can afford it, Engineering is probably the most useful.

Head to Uldum, buy the tabard, and run some heroics. The Uldum helm enchant is a must-have.

I don't know why you can't afford gems/etc, but you need to find a way to come up with the gold to buy the BoE bracers and belt. The bracers are only like 30dps behind the Warmaster Heroic ones, they're amazing. Also, use the VP from running the heroics to upgrade the neck. The VP neck is really, really good as well.

TotT with the t13 set bonus can be a fickle thing. There are times when you wish you had it, and times it's downright worthless to you. Let's start by me giving you the opener that I use, have told other rogues about, and they all love it's simpleness and fluidity as well.

Open with a TotT before the pull (Tank, usually)
Slice and Dice
Killing Spree
Adrenaline Rush
if 4cp, then Revealing Strike
else Eviscerate

And then proceed to your normal rotation. That opener will let you be in Shallow Insight within 5 GCDs, and you'll be in Adrenaline Rush with Killing Spree already on cooldown within 7 GCDs. Waiting to use Killing Spree during Deep Insight after you've already used Adrenaline Rush basically wastes a Killing Spree later in the fight, due to the fact that you delayed the first one so long, and lost out on all the cooldown reductions from the Adrenaline Rush.

Use TotT when you can pool around 60 energy, but never use it during Adrenaline Rush, you don't need the energy reduction then.

Slice and Dice refreshing can be fickle. Early in the fight, I always refresh it with 1-2 combo points, as the goal is to get in as many Eviscerates as possible, thus getting in as many AR/KS as possible. There are a few times though where it becomes a little distorted and you have to use your best judgment. Let's say I have 2 seconds left in Deep Insight, 2 seconds left on Slice and Dice, and 4 combo points. Normal theorycrafting says to just refresh Slice and Dice, but I'll actually get in a Revealing Strike/Eviscerate during the Deep Insight, and then pray for a Ruthlessness proc to be able to refresh Slice and Dice the GCD after the Eviscerate. When Ruthlessness doesn't proc, then you just sit there and frown while waiting to Sinister Strike and refresh it 2 GCDs after the Eviscerate. The tradeoff here is that we not only got our hardest hitting move in during our biggest damage increade buff, but we also got 10 seconds taken off of AR/KS, and all it cost us was 1-2 seconds of Slice and Dice, which is a dps gain.

Also, the only time, and I mean the ONLY time to ever use KS during AR, is when the boss is about to die and they both come off of CD, and the boss will die before the AR will end. Pop AR for the 20% attack speed increase, then KS, and then resume the rotation before the boss dies. Other than that, never KS during AR.
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