@Nodzz Holy Paladin Audit.

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@Nodzz Holy Paladin Audit.

Postby Lithium on Sun Feb 19, 2012 12:20 am

http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/d ... n/advanced
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Re: @Nodzz Holy Paladin Audit.

Postby Nodozz on Sun Feb 19, 2012 12:01 pm

1st thing 50 int to bracers not haste. Thats huge. Get a new weapon ASAP. Rag normal mace, Heroic Eye of Purification, Heroic Volcanospike , Heroic Rag Weapon all in Firelands are upgrades. LFR Vagaries or Dw Mace are obviously better as well. Heroic Shield from Beth is better than lfr shield. Everything else looks acceptable, put some epic gems pre heroic BIS gear such as Helm, Cloak, Bracers, Legs, Boots, Relic.

You need to drop AT LEAST a point in imp judgement, I'd drop both of them. You 100% need to get parago of virtue, that is not an optional talent. I'd recommend copying my secondary spec (the one i always am for the most part) on armory.


Divine Favor Glyph not Holy Shock, Divine favor will carry you through extended period if scary times like zonozz black phase, stacking for hagara frost phase, red, yellow, black, green yorsahj phase, the end of ultraxion, the end of warmaster, destroying debuffs, and getting through the end of platform 3 and 5 without loss of life. Not optional, holy shock glyph pales in comparison. I'm ok with LOH glyph on SOME FIGHTS, but not all of them. PAY VERY CLOSE ATTENTION to your kill times if you are on farm or what kill time you are estimating for progression, the glyph is nice to have during progression if you can stand to lose div prot because it will be up alot more to use when you want after quick wipes. Divprot is a must for zonozz, hagara, ultraxion, madness <--- all have massive raid spell dmg. Morchok is phyiscal mostly (as a healer you wont always take the crystal), yorsaj is a joke you could use div prot here but its not needed and having the LOH off cd during progression is huge so quality of life would be alot better with it. LOH doesnt add a stack during purple.
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