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@Shinafae Demo Lock Tips

PostPosted: Wed Feb 15, 2012 8:02 pm
by Swaggajuice
I know Shina plays Aff but who is your full time demo lock if you have any or Shina if you have knowledge of demo can you take a look at my lock and tell my how my gearing/gemming/enchanting is (still in the process of getting epic gems so anything that is not epic already will be very soon). Thanks! ... ice/simple

Re: @Shinafae Demo Lock Tips

PostPosted: Wed Feb 15, 2012 9:24 pm
by Shinafae
Your setup looks correct. Getting epic gems in all of your gear will help greatly ; right now you stand to gain 150 int if you upgrade all of your red gems alone, which is huge.

I don't know if your haste level is intentional or merely a product of your gear being naturally haste-heavy, but for Demo I like to maintain the 1996 haste point for an extra tick on corruption. This is less for the benefit of corruption and more because I find that ~2000 haste translates to better performance in a non-sim, non-Patchwerk environment where it's not unfeasible that you'll need to clip a cast at some point to move out of the fire.

Re: @Shinafae Demo Lock Tips

PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 2:38 am
by Swaggajuice
My haste is a little high because it's the most optimal reforge while reaching hit cap, keeping the 1996 haste threshold, and getting as much mastery as I can, however I can push it down a little bit and pick up an extra 1% mastery but then I lose hit cap, but not by much. Would it be worth picking up the 1% dmg but being about ~16.80% hit? My fear with losing hit cap is that say I randomly miss an immolate cast on an add, then I have to recast and since I play incinerate spec it's a greater loss of time than SB spec already. Probably just a comfort level thing for me, but if you think the 1% dmg is worth the risk, I might consider it. Our guild is working on heroic ultra right now and I'm sustaining ~40k to ~40% which is where we normally start losing people to tunneling and getting greedy with Fading timers if that sound right for my gear level.

Re: @Shinafae Demo Lock Tips

PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 3:26 am
by Shadows
Not Shina, but bored...
I would stick with your current reforge and not drop below hit cap, besides what Shinafae said about re-gemming to epic gems (which will help) I would change your boot enchant (to 50 mastery), seeing as how Ultraxion is a stand still fight. If you're looking for possible upgrades consider picking up the crafted bracers and the Heroic Domo neck is also better than the VP neck if you can still run Heroic FL at all.

Got bored and did some detective work through some of your logs, everything looks to be alright as far as damage breakdown, except your Doomguards seem all over the place, ranging anywhere from 400k-900k+ in damage. You want to popping your Doomguards when in Metamorphosis with the most spell power you can have. I could see how some attempts would be lower due to quickness in pulls and Doomguard not being off cooldown. If your guild is struggling with damage you may want to ask them to wait for your Doomguard so you can maximize your damage each attempt. Do you have any way to track procs and buffs to properly time your Doomguard cast? Lining up Intellect procs, ie. Lightweave, Power Torrent with your 4 piece and Meta is important to increase your DPS.

I know that Ultraxion can be a jerk sometimes and give you Fading Light when you pop cooldowns and mess you up, so don't be discouraged by lower than normal DPS on some attempts. More often than not it happens to myself. Otherwise your damage seems like it's in the right place, I haven't played Demo on the fight nor has Shinafae (to my knowledge) but your numbers are good :D

Re: @Shinafae Demo Lock Tips

PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2012 6:55 am
by Shinafae
Re : Hit : I arrived at the reforging alternative that you describe also when I played with your profile on Chardev. My personal preference would be to NOT drop below hit cap as presently, you are not over it by much. However, you could run a sim to obtain your scaling factors and then compute the DPS difference in the mastery gain vs. the hit loss, if you wish to be more precise.

Re : Ultraxion, logs, Fading Light, etc : You did not note that you are working on this fight ; Shaddows is correct in that you will want to use the 50 mastery to boots enchant for this encounter (and Spine and Madness, for that matter). If you or Shaddows could provide a link to your logs, I will check them out, but it's difficult to see much on Ultraxion unless you actually upload a log that YOU recorded (buff tracking goes nuts when you and the logger are not in the same realm). Fading light/hour of twilight can be irritating for sure, but you can take several steps to ensure that the impact on your dps is minimal : (1) ensure that your final global, as you are hitting your button to realm shift, is a life tap. You should never need to life tap outside of shifting this way. (2) With Fading Light, create a power aura that displays in large, clear numbers the time remaining on the debuff. Based on your position within your rotation, you can generally plan out which casts you can fit in before hitting your button. Sometimes, this might include deviating a bit from a perfect rotation (e.g., refreshing Corruption a tick early because you notice it will fall off when you are phased out).

Without your logs, I cannot say much, but consider that for a six minute encounter, you are in all likelihood going to fit in 3 Meta cycles. In order to fit four complete cycles, your impending doom would have to refresh your meta, on average, once every 108 seconds. (In actuality it would be a bit less because you do not hit meta the exact second that combat is engaged.) This is possible but subject to the whims of rng, especially considering this fight's periodic interruptions to casting. Thus, for progression, plan for three Meta phases and determine how you will sync these up with your procs and cooldowns - as you won't fit in a fourth Meta, you can afford "waiting" a bit to sync up with a proc. When you are on farm and merely wanting to parse, you will be better able to roll the dice, as it were, and hope the Impending Doom procs smile on you.