A question from a fellow warlock to Shinafae.

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A question from a fellow warlock to Shinafae.

Postby NorwegianBLfan on Tue Jan 31, 2012 11:05 pm

Greatings Shinafae. I was wondering if my question could take a few min off your time, it would be greatly appericiated. i would like to start by saying i am a big Blood Legion fan. that said i will move over to my question.

i am in a guild currently working on Spine hc (we're on the 3rd plate) my question is targeted Demo dps on the tendons.
i have gone through hours of research and hours on the training dummys trying to figure out what better way to go.
i do not have the legendary staff, nor do i have the Moonwell C trinket. so already there is a dps loss.

moving on to my rotation on the tendons.
i always start the fight with my felhunter for higher damage on the Amalg add. when its 5 sec before it blows off i summon the felguard (for its demon soul with other cooldowns) (Doomguard on the 1st tendon, pot on the 2nd and BL on the 3rd is what we use) after the tendon i resummon my felhunter for the Amalg, continue the normal dmg rotation trying to reduce the cd of Meta for the new tendon. if my demon soul is not ready for the tendon i just stick to the fel hunter, applying all my dots before i send the fel hunter in to get the full effect on the bite.

i start on the tendon in this order.
Incinerate spam and reapply shadowflame when its 3 sec left of the tendon.
i precast demon form, meta, the vp trinket about 2 sec before the Amalg add blows up to not waste time on the tendon, then i portal in.

so if i may ask, what flaws can you see in this and if there is any tips you can share? it would be really helpfull.

Lots of respect from Norway.
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Re: A question from a fellow warlock to Shinafae.

Postby Shinafae on Wed Feb 01, 2012 12:38 am


We've never had warlocks as demonology on this fight so I've only done a handful of pulls at best with the spec. I will help you as much as I can but please bear in mind that much of my analysis is purely theoretical.

You do the right thing by keeping the felguard out the entire time for the tendon when demon soul is available. Make sure you are using Felstorm. I assume you are applying CoE because there is no one else in this raid that brings the buff. Otherwise, of course, it's not worth casting the curse. Open with Immolate, followed by Corruption. If your Felhunter is out, throw up Bane of Doom/Agony next. Doom will only ever have one tick on the tendon, and with Demonology I'm not actually sure which Bane is better. Experiment with both. You'll want to Shadowflame next so that Shadow Bite is buffed fully ASAP, followed by HoG. It's important to get HoG on cooldown ASAP. You should be able to fit two if not three casts of this spell in, and its damage per execute is superior to that of your other nukes. Finally, try to hit the Amalgamation that's exploding just before it is no longer targetable in order to proc Decimation (better yet, if there's something at low health you can safely nuke during the few seconds between the Amalg dying and the tendon becoming targetable, do it). This way, your first few filler spells at least should be quick-cast Soul Fires. Additionally, if you can tab-spam corruption on several targets -safely- just prior to attacking the tendon, you will greatly increase your chances of getting multiple molten core procs per tendon phase.

I don't think that this fight is anywhere near the same sort of DPS-check that it was prior to this week's nerfs, but if your guild is still struggling on tendons, I highly advise you to get the Moonwell Chalice ASAP. It will make a world of difference. I hope this helps.
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Re: A question from a fellow warlock to Shinafae.

Postby NorwegianBLfan on Wed Feb 01, 2012 1:35 am

Thank you for taking time to answer my thread.
first off that trinket, yeah i should really have gotten that fast. but i rerolled warlock for Dragon soul. main has been a druid.
i did run some tests on what bane would do more dmg than the other. and BoD is a slight dmg increase. we dont run with any others who can apply CoE sadly, so i start with it that. then apply BoD cause of the 19 sec window, i tried to push in an immolate (with the bane spec) then BoD but it actually resulted in BoD not geting its tick off if i was unlucky with 1 sec delay. for the decimation on the other hand is a good tip, i didnt normally do that, but i recently tried to push off 1 incinerate before the adds blows up after pre casting cds for then to get off tops 2 soul fires after applying all the dots.

But seeing what i am doing is mostly correct i can chill a bit with the research and ofc now after the nerf it should not be a problem. we struggeled pre nerf on the fight but will down it first thing tomorrow. thanks again for your time and best of luck with future progression in Blood Legion. will keep cheering for you guys!

Lots of respect from Norway.
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