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Postby Bbasher on Tue Jan 10, 2012 12:40 pm

Hey Juveynile,

In regards to the way fury is working and needing SO much hit, is the MMO Champion BiS Fury listing priority correct in saying you want to reach 17% hit and then crit is equal to hit in dps regardless? Meaning you would want to stack hit to 17% and then either go crit or hit and net the same result of roughly(RNG aside) the same dps. The reason I ask is I try and look at as many top fury warrior's as I can and I have looked at your armory over the past few weeks and I see that you are sitting at roughly 20% which is an absurd amount of hit and hence the question behind the 17% being the rough estimate of hit you want to reach before itemizing/reforging towards crit again.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Stat priorities through reforging changed post 4.2 patch
New order or priority is now (ASSUMING YOU HAVE T13 2SET)

26 exp > Hit (to 17% marker) >= Crit (equal to Hit at 17%) > Haste > Mastery
the quote from MMO as a reference.
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