To: Blood Legion's Gm's and raid leader.

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To: Blood Legion's Gm's and raid leader.

Postby Druagar on Tue Dec 13, 2011 11:50 am

Hi, I talked to Zoom this morning however he said he would be unable to help. I recently watched the Race to World First movie and really respected how you guys and girl :) run. I am currently on a bad server, Drenden. Great players and great people, just horrible raiders. I currently run the second best raiding guild horde side on that server, using myself, 1 other person and the top guilds alts. But its not enough because, in my eyes, I rely on the top guilds alts to run with me.

I guess I should get on topic. I want to be able to compete for world firsts like your guild does. Run in that race, and even if I never make it, I want to be close to it. I know I have it within myself to do it. So just a few questions:

How do you establish yourself on the server as a premiere raiding guild?
How to do you pick and choose who does and does not make the raid team?
For Erik, Lawli, and the other gm that didn't speak in the video, how do you run/manage your guild?
What does it take? What qualities in the raider do I need to look for, what constitutes as a "outstanding"

Those are the basic questions that I have. Any other tips and helpfull advice would be great! I transferred my druid over to Illidan, name is Captraynor. Just an alt of mine. Id love for the opportunity to talk to you and your raid team via vent or mumble or w/e client you use. Thanks for taking the time to read this and honest feedback would be great. THANK!

-Ron (rl name not ingame)
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